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The Hardest Working Boats on the Water

When you need a boat that means business, look no further than T&M Boat Rentals, LLC. Based in Morgan City, LA, we meet the transportation needs of the Gulf Coast with incredible scope and professionalism. We wear many captains’ hats, as do our boats, which serve a wide range of industries. Conquer the sea with a boat that works as hard as you do!

Boat Rentals for a Wide Range of Industries

Why do so many companies in so many industries rely on T&M? Because we provide reliable, durable, quality vessels that successfully transport the people, goods, and equipment that are essential to their logistics. Think about how much of our country’s economy and industry relies on water transportation. At T&M, we take our responsibility to help provide sound, seaworthy vessels with experienced, safety-minded captains very seriously.

Our vessels are there when you need them. We are proud to work with those who promote our economy, environment, and way of life.

The Workforce on the Waters

We are a leading provider of marine transportation along the Gulf Coast. We are vital for the oilfield and construction industries, the environment, our livelihood, and our economy. Towing, hauling, transporting—no matter what you need, we and our vessels provide it.

A wide range of companies relies on our vessels for their daily operations. We work with coastal restoration, salvage operations, oil spill clean-up, railroads, pipelines, dam construction, and even the making of movies.

Every rental includes an experienced captain who ensures safety and knowledge on the water at all times.

With quick response times, quality service, and the equipment you need to get the job done right in a timely manner, T&M Boat Rentals is always ready at the helm!

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