About Us | T&M Boat Rentals

T&M Boat Rentals is a leading provider of marine transportation along the Gulf Coast.

We are essential to the oilfield and construction industries... Essential to our environment... Essential to our livelihood and economy.

For any marine transportation need, T&M Boat Rentals is ready at the helm... Towing. Hauling. Transporting everything and anything, from people and groceries... to materials and equipment.

Every day, a vast array of companies rely on our services and capabilities. We provide assistance with coastal restoration, salvage operations, oil spill clean-up, railroads, pipelines, and also dam construction. We even aid in the making of movies.

Every rental includes an experienced captain - ensuring safety and knowledge on the water at all times.

T&M Boat Rentals is always ready 'at the helm', with quick response times, quality service and the right equipment to get the job done.

~ Hard Working Work Boats.